Hi, I'm Duane! I will be accepting books to read and later on write a review on from both indie authors, authors (traditionally published) and publishers. I do not accept payment for the review and the review will be an honest review which will not be affected by anything but my enjoyment of the book.

The review will not contain specific details from the book(spoilers) unless it is agreed to have spoilers with the author/publisher. I usually read Young Adult and most of it, is Fantasy but I am open to other genres. Whether it is Young Adult Fantasy or not please send a synopsis or a link to a synopsis with the request, so that I can determine if I want to or not want to receive the book.

I will be posting a review of the book sent to me, either within a month of when I receive it at my home or on a previously established date with the author/publisher. If for some reason I cannot post the review, I will contact you at least a week before the deadline that was set.

The review will be posted on : This Blog( and a link to the post on Twitter. I am also open to post the review on other social media as long as I agree to this before the book is sent to me.

I accept books in e-books and physical copies. But I do prefer physical copies.

The review will include:
  1. My rating out of 5 stars and recommendation.
  2. A brief overview of the plot and/or synopsis.
  3. Cover art.
  4. Link to Goodreads
and if the author/publisher wants to links to where people can buy the book.

If you wish to contact me you can do so in the contact form on the right or on my Twitter or Goodreads.

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