Hi! So, I have been thinking about this for quite a while and now I have decided that I want it. So if you don't know what guest posts are, let me explain. They are posts made by other people who are not the official author of the particular blog that post is posted on.

I have been thinking about this since I heard of it. First I really wanted to do a guest post on someone else's blog and I did you can check that out here. But after I did that I wanted to have someone else guest post on my blog and so I am opening my blog to guest posts.

If you are interested in writing a guest post for this blog please let me know through a tweet or DM on my twitter and/or the form below. 


  • Guest posts are open to anyone. You don't need to have a blog. Anyone can guest post.
  • The guest post can be anything. Discussion, Tag or any other idea you suggest.
  • Swearing is allowed.
  • I have all the right to respectfully decline your request if I think that the blog post you suggested is not suitable for my blog.

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