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DISCLAIMER: This post is full of spoilers on the book Truthwitch. Do not continue further unless you have read the book.

Before you begin I would like to state that I divided this into 3 acts so that is easier for you to read. The acts are just how I felt the book flowed. 

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First Safi (Truthwitch) loses a game of Taro to Chiseled Cheater which somehow tricked her magic and then lied to her about a carriage. Safi and Isuelt (Threadwitch) ended up attacking the wrong carriage belonging to the Gold Guild Master, Yotiluzzi. They fought Aeduan (Bloodwitch) and then jumped off the Cliffs using their escape plan.

Then they sneaked back into Venaza City and guards followed them into Matthew’s Coffee shop which got broken into by the guards. Later Safi and Isuelt meet Merik (Windwitch) whilst they were killing a Cleaving Tidewitch.

They got separated and Isuelt was told to go to the Hawthhorn Canal Inn by Habim for the night but she left a secret message for Safi. Safi in the meanwhile was told that she had to attend the Truce Summit Ball and she found out what the secret message Isuelt had sent her meant.

Isuelt escaped the City because Aeduan was chasing her and she went to the Midenzi Settlement. Merik received a miniature Aetherwitched ship that Vivia (his sister) meant to use to track down a ship and steal all its supplies using the Foxes(Pirate ships used to defend Nubrevna before Nubrevna had a naval fleet.)

Isuelt found out that Corlant, her mother’s stalker from the past and a purist priest (Purists believe all magic is a sin), is a Cursewitch. She also found out that the three threads she could see after someone cleaved were the same threads this mysterious witch was supposed to be able to see, the witch was nicknamed The Puppeteer, she also couldn’t make threadstones just like Iseult. After trying to convince the tribe she wasn’t other, Gretchya (Isuelt’s mother), Alma (Gretchya’s Threadwitch apprentice), and Isuelt escaped the settlement after the tribe turned against them. Isuelt got hit with a cursed arrow and she found out that Gretchya and Alma had planned to escape all along. Isuelt got a horse from her mother and ran towards where she had told Safi to meet her, at the road at which Monk Evrane (aunt to Merik and sister to King Serafin of Nubrevna) had found and saved her.

Safi attended the Truce Summit Ball and ended up dancing a Nubrevnan Four Step with Merik which he issued as a subtle challenge. Afterwards, Henrick called to make an announcement. Safi was then surprised as anyone to hear that Emperor Henrick’s great announcement was that she was his betrothed. Guildmaster Alix’s, Matthew’s, Habim’s, and Uncle Eron’s plan worked and they got Safi out. She then was being taken out of the City when she escaped from Matthew’s Wordwitchery and she ran. Aeduan smelled her and then she was followed from there by several Monks and Aeduan to the path she was supposed to meet Isuelt on.

Isuelt and Safi met on horseback and fought the Carawen monks until they backed off because they thought Safi and Isuelt the Cahr Awen because of the way their cloaks ended up inside the lighthouse. Then Merik saved Safi from Aeduan. Isuelt kept fighting Aeduan and she then jumped from a window, Aeduan jumped after her and he landed on his back while she landed on top of him, she spared his life. Aeduan also couldn’t smell Isuelt nor could Isuelt see his threads. Isuelt was then carried by Kullen’s wind to the Jana(Merik’s ship named after his mother).


On the ship, Monk Evrane tries to heal Isuelt with her own magic (Waterwitch healing) as well as some bewitched salves. Later on Safi finds out that a trade agreement, with her uncle Eron, was why Merik had saved her. She also found out by looking at the contract behind Merik’s back that she couldn’t even shed blood or the contract would be nullified because it was Wordwitched.

When Aeduan wakes up he goes to Yotiluzzi’s place as he has a contract with him but when he hears of the new search for Safi he decides to break the contract with Yotiluzzi and go find her on his own so that he makes all the money. He then gets half of the 5000 piestras he requested from Leopold (the prince to Cartorra and nephew of Emperor Henrick) and he is told that Leopold would be going on the journey with him.   

Safi and Isuelt met when an Earthwitch was cleaving next to Safi and Isuelt saved her from the Cleaving Earthwitch. Back on the ship Isuelt notices and hears the Puppeteer for the first time in one of her dreams.

Vivia capture’s a Marstoki war galley and Merik goes to meet her. Then Marstoks attacked them with four warships, demanding Safi. While everything was happening Isuelt was healed by a Firewitch healer which was on Vivia’s ship. They then escape onto the Jana after the seafoxes appeared and they sailed away using all their tidewitches and Kullen’s winds.

Leopold and Aeduan find the broken ships and talk to Vaness but they do not help her. Isuelt has another dream with the Puppeteer in which she tells her to break Safi’s Threads.

Safi, Isuelt, Merik, and Evrane make it to Nubrevna through a secret family (Nihar) cove. They make it to a village nearby called Noden’s Gift. The river nearby was clean unlike most rivers in Nubrevna which were poisonwitched. They also found out that Isuelt hadn’t fully healed from the cursed arrow so Evrane, Safi, and Isuelt went to the Dead Water Origin Well of Nubrevna. When they get to the well Safi and Isuelt make it to it’s very center which in turn triggers an earthquake and the well seems to have come back to life because it healed Isuelt. Monk Evrane then jumps to the conclusion that they healed the Origin Well because they are the Cahr Awen (which has the power to heal the Dead Origin Wells).

Aeduan and Leopold land on Nubrevna and after abandoning Leopold for a while Aeduan hides his talers (the money he was given by Leopold).

Isuelt, Evrane, Safi, and Merik make it to Lejna on horseback. On their journey Isuelt was visited by the Puppeteer again. The Puppeteer tells her that the magic Isuelt and herslef have is that of a Weaverwitch and she also reveals that she is in Poznin and that her King is called the Raider King.

Aeduan kept getting enraged by the elusive smell of Clear lakes and Frozen Winters. He also figures out that Leopold was distracting him from Safi.

Meanwhile Merik left to join Kullen on the Jana again as they were alerted that the Marstoks sailed to Lejna and that Aeduan was following them. Evrane stayed to wait for Aeduan and slow him down while Safi and Isuelt made it to Lejna.


Isuelt and Safi switch clothes as to confuse the Marstoks.

When Aeduan meets Monk Evrane he decides not to kill her and instead left her very tired but she also hit him with throwing knives and so he was slowed as he made his way to Lejna because he needed to heal.

Isuelt and Safi’s plan worked and the Marstoks followed Isuelt but they found out who she was but as they were leaving the Puppeteer cleaved the Marstoks. Safi was going through the piers trying to succeed in getting Merik’s contract with her Uncle to be fulfilled but she didn’t know which was Pier 7 and so she had to go through them all but as she was going through them she met  the Empress of Marstok, Vaness, and they fought. She didn’t know that she was fighting the Empress at first and thought she could win but the Empress which looked like a weaponless harmless Adder (Marstok soldier) was the Ironwitch Empress.

Isuelt was saved from the Cleaved by Aeduan which was repaying his life debt to her. She didn’t trust him at first but then he said to her "Mhe verujta" which is a Nomatsi saying that means "trust me as if my soul were yours."

Kullen cleaved and tried to save Merik from his wraith in his not so conscious state, he also asked Merik to kill him but Merik refused.

Isuelt spotted Evrane but she thinks that Evrane is dead because she saw the Cleaved jump on her. Then Isuelt blames herself for all the deaths in Lejna including Evrane’s as the Puppeteer had thanked Isuelt for the plans she stole from Isuelt’s mind the last time she talked to her.

Vaness admits to Safi that she had gone after her herself because she was “a servant to my people.” Than Safi makes one last effort to fulfill Eron’s contract with Merik and runs to the last pier. She makes it just in time as just afterwards Vaness damages her left leg pretty badly with her flail. She then made a deal with Vaness. Vaness would send an envoy to Nubrevna and make a trade agreement with them in exchange for Safi’s loyalty as her Truthwitch.

Later we find out that Aeduan saved Monk Evrane and taken her to the Water Origin Well of Nubrevna where she begins to heal and when he comes out of the water he also feels his powers fully restored as he had depleted his magic while getting to the Origin Well fast and keeping Evrane alive.

Merik was saved from under collapsed buildings by Isuelt and was taken to Noden’s Gift where his aunt healed him and he also received the news of the Marstoks wanting to open trade with Nubrevna. He also found that the agreement with Eron had a letter from Safi written on it now, a letter to Eron in which Safi tells Eron to change the agreement which he did and the part of "no blood spilled" was removed thus the agreement was fulfilled and Nubrevna now has two trade agreements.

In the end Empress Vaness tells Safi that the 20 year Truce dissolved early and that Cartorra was already preparing an attack to reclaim her.

Where and with Whom the characters are:

Isuelt is alone in a Coffee shop in Lejna waiting for the person that is coming for her;
Ryber (Kullen’s heart thread) escaped on her own after Kullen’s cleaving;
Safi is with Empress Vaness heading to Azmir, the Capital of Marstok;
Aeduan is alone going to join his father, the Raider King and
Evrane and Merik are at Noden’s Gift.

I hope you enjoyed and are ready to read Windwitch!! If you want, you can read my Spoiler-Free Review of Windwitch here and make sure to share this post with anyone who read Truthwitch and needs to refresh their memories in preparation for Windwitch!!

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Genres : YA, High Fantasy
Series : The Witchlands
My Rating : 

Disclaimer : The copy I read was and Uncorrected ARC sent to me by TOR(Publisher of Windwitch)



Truthwitch was my favorite book of all time because of it's action packed, suspense and amazing magic system but Windwitch is on a whole new level. It has all the good things Truthwitch had but they are even better. The suspense and action start from the very first line in the Prologue and the magic system which was already a weave of unimaginable size has now expanded and is even more complicated and thus more interesting than any magic system I have every read about. 

Windwitch starts around 2 weeks after the end of Truthwitch and it starts off with Merik's POV as expected because it is called Windwitch after all but all the POV's from Truthwitch are still there and a new one as well. There a few new characters which are really important and exciting as well as characters were in Truthwitch but now have a much larger role. Some characters which played small but important roles in Truthwitch were missing except for a few mentions of them.

I love world-building and although there was quite a bit in Windwtch there wasn't as much as there was in Truthwitch but it helped Windwitch in my opinion because it allowed for more character development and made the story more character driven as such it was easier to understand the characters. 

We also got to see an entirely different view of many characters most of all Safi and Isuelt. Because of their circumstances they were quote different and you could clearly see them progress through their journeys towards their goal.

All in all Windwitch is the best book ever and I only wish I could give it 1x1021 which in my quick research means all the stars in the observable universe. You can find my favorite quote, the trailer and purchase links below.I already preordered my copy and you should to. If you do don't forget to sign up for the pre-order campaign : US and Canada ~ UK

My favorite quote is : 

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