So I have previously made a tutorial on how to make your own Social Media Buttons and put them on your blog with HTML, which you can check out here, but now I want to offer my personal help. 

If you don't want to do that yourself, I want to help you. Now let me explain: 

1. THIS IS TOTALLY FREE! (No Money and a Shout Out is Optional)

2. I will make your social media buttons with templates that I already have and recolor them unless you have your own buttons which I could use for your blog and you can also request of me another design and give me a description or example of it and I will consider making it according to the other responsibilities I have at the time.

3. All that you need to do is reach out to me on my Twitter or on my email

The Template which I will be using is the one I use for my Blog which you can see to the right. The color part is interchangeable with other colors and or pictures and in the future I will also try out some new templates.

If your blog is on Blogger, it can have the hover effect for sure(hover over mine to see it) but if you have a Wordpress blog I am not totally sure I can make it work if it is a free blog due to some restrictions that a free Wordpress blog has. If your blog isn't any of the above then we can try it out and see if the hover will work or not.

I hope some of you will reach out! I look forward to helping you! :)

Disclaimer: I can decline if I do not feel comfortable working with you.

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