Thursday, 12 May 2016


As Susan Dennard in Tapping into the Power of Free-Writing and many other of her newsletters, free-writing improves your writing. Tapping into the Power of Free-Writing is what inspired me to begin this project. Although I am not yet ready to free-write everyday, I will be free-writing every other day starting from Friday 20th May. I am not limiting myself to anything for this project. That means no word minimum or maximum word count and no genre limitation. These free-writing sessions can be anything from a poem to an idea for a new project I want. 
I will stop this around the end of June when I will begin a High-Fantasy project that I wanted to start for a very long time, now. During the time I am writing it I will still be free-writing(More or less I have no idea) but I will probably only post very few of them. So if you want to check out the first free-writing session click here. The official starting date of this project is today but because of some finishing touches I have to do on some important projects for school, I will be starting the every other day thing next week.

I hope you all enjoy this and support me. Disclaimer: I won't edit all of the things I post but if there is any constructive criticism you want to give me please DM on Twitter or Wattpad or anywhere else you want to contact me. Also, sorry for the cover but I didn't want to spend too much time on it.  

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