Sunday, 14 August 2016


Disclaimer: Pokemon belongs to Nintendo.

So we are on Day 1 of the #READTHEMALLTHON and I have decided to change my Marsh Badge Book Choice from Zenith to ... Truthwitch by Susan Dennard. I have come upon this decision after I heard on Sasha's Channel that there will be changes to Zenith and that they will be releasing it all at once. I also decided on this because I need to write a Spoiler Free Review and a Spoiler Review(AKA Me gushing about how Truthwitch is perfect), as well as a Theories post and a secret post which is nothing special but I am keeping it secret for now.

So yeah. Also now that I am writing this post here is my progress so far:
I am on Page 128 of Truthwitch and I found this really coll Automated Spreadsheet by Windie @Geek Apprentice as well as Aentee @ReadAtMidnight was kind enough to make me my own trainer card.


  1. Ooo, good luck! I really need to read both Truthwitch and Zenith (they've been on my TBR for AGES) but I didn't know about the changes! I'll have to wait until those come out to read Zenith. :-)

    1. Truthwitch will change your life, although I would recommend getting someone to explain the different political systems before you go in because it is not a spoiler but it might get confusing. If you want me to explain them, just DM on Twitter. My Twitter is @duanethereader, there is a link up on the right side if you wanna go there instantly.