Wednesday, 28 June 2017


This week I'm going to talk about sequels as it's the challenge given to us by his Broodiness.

What book needs a Sequel?

I am desperate for a sequel of Rainbow Rowell's Carry On. I just want more of that book. It was a lovely read and I fell in love with Baz and so I need more of Baz but that is not the entire story. I need more of Carry On's basic and comic magic, you never knew what the spell was going to entail in that book and whenever I had to stop reading it, I ended up constantly thinking of what was going to happen.

What book sequel is better than the first book?

Every book in the Chronicles of Ixia by Maria V Snyder after Poison Study. Now don't get me wrong, Poison Study was amazing but Maria V Snyder has this thing in the two series I read from her were every book is better than the one previous even though I rated every one of the books I read from her 5 stars.

What's your favorite Sequel?

Anyone that has read almost any of the few blog posts I had this year will know that I can't stop rambling about Windwitch by Susan Dennard. I am utterly in love with The Witchlands series and although I was head over heels for Truthwitch, Windwitch is on a whole other level and I was and still am blown away by true masterpiece that is Windwitch. I am also still trying to process the book I think. I read it twice so far but I need a third re-read soon. I might even re-read Truthwitch again to get everything into place before I write my theories for Bloodwitch, which I believe will be on the same level or even better than Windwitch!!

What's your favorite Sequel?
What book do you think deserves a Sequel?

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