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In this post I will be answering the Discussion questions I posted in my last post. So let's get to it!! :)

1. What is your favorite place/setting in the book so far? What was your favorite scene in this place/setting?
My favorite place has to be the Fountain inside the Exhibition and of course my favorite scene in the Fountain is when the horde of Dead came in and Eleanor had to escape from her hiding place because of the spirit. In that scene she showed what I think is her true self and she wrecked some dead. Then we saw and discovered how magic works and that was absolutely awesome.

2. What was your first impression of Eleanor?
I hated her. I knew I would probably stop hating her and I did but she just was annoying in the first chapter or two and I just couldn't stand her but as the chapter progressed I began liking her more and more.

3. What do you think is actually happening with the German Academy Boys and Eleanor's Brother?
I have two theories for this. One is that Eleanor's Brother is actually the Necromancer and he is killing the German Academy Boys. This would explain why Clarence looks so paranoid and has the body guard and why he is tired. But I think my second theory is more likely what is going on. My second theory is that Clarence is the Necromancer and he is lying about everything except how tired he is because he is being drained of magic by keeping so many Dead and he is keeping her brother as a prisoner for his knowledge and that the others are dying because he is killing them because they are competition for the election and are not actually helping him.

4. If you were living in Philadelphia at this time, would you believe in the supernatural as Eleanor and the spirit hunters do?
I would certainly believe in the supernatural as I already do in real life because there are Dead everywhere and it isn't like just one person saw the dead and there are alarms for Dead and things so it must be true.

5. What do you think of the magic and it's system so far?
I love the simple magic system and I hope it doesn't get too complicated because I think that its simpleness is what makes it so great for the time the story is set in. Also I really hope nothing too big in electrical terms gets explained cause I am an utter failure at anything that requires something slightly complex for electrical wiring and things like that.
I hope you enjoyed the post!! 
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