Monday, 28 March 2016


1.What was your first impression of Oliver?
My first impression of Oliver was that somehow Marcus had changed from one body to another.

2.Do you like the new magic? Why?
I do like this magic better, since that you don't need a direct power source exactly. You just need to have it and that means we get to see more magic in action!! AND WHO DOESN'T LIKE MAGIC!?!

3.Which is your favorite character that was introduced in this book so far?
Mine would have to be Madame Marineaux and The Marquis. They are such great comic reliefs from my constant fear of evil taking over whatever is going on.

4.What do you think of Eleanor using Necromancy?
I am quite scared she will kill herself or someone else while in a sleep walk out of control thing or just becomes super powerful and no one can stand in her way and Oliver's contract with her let's him, do something with her all powerful magic. I do not trust Oliver one bit!!!!

5.What theories do you have on Eleanor and the hell hounds?

I think she will somehow lure the hell hounds into capturing and obliterating Oliver or Marcus, once she is in a major fight, with either one.

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