Saturday, 9 April 2016


First I want to apologize for my inconsistent posting but I got sick for a few weeks and I literally couldn't do anything but sleep, wake up, take my medicine and sleep again and then I went back to school from the Easter holidays and we got bombarded with HW and projects with a short deadline.

Now I am okay and I am currently doing Camp NaNoWriMo(My goal is 10K. Not for the full novel just part of it.) with a lovely group of people and since I was sick and everything and I couldn't do a thing, I didn't have the necessary basis for the story I was going to write because it was going to be quite a big world with a lot of plot lines and main characters so I needed some basic planning that I didn't finish thus on the day Camp NaNoWriMo started I had no idea what to write so I thought, "What do I love most?" and of course the answer was, "Magic" so I started writing an entire novel starting with the word MAGIC which actually is turning out to be a great idea because the story is evolving really quickly and that one word has become an entire idea. For this story I am not planning ahead in my mind at all. Instead I just know where I left off and whenever I go back to writing, I begin word vomiting my ideas into the story. 

This has also been a great motivator because my own mind wants to know what is going to happen next so whenever I get super intrigued during the day about thinking about what is going to happen next, I just write. 

My current story is quite difficult to explain but I am going to try my best to explain the very basics of the world this story is based on. 

Far in the future the effects of human pollution on Earth drives the human race out of Earth and into a new habitable planet that they had found. On this new planet they finally make almost perfect Artificial Intelligence and soon afterwards the Artificial Intelligence tries to kill the human population and take over and thus a few tens of thousands of people leave the planet and remotely detonate bombs all over the planet killing any human and/or robot. They travel through space to a planet they were thinking of colonizing one day and they start living on it. Not long after though they discover that the mighty imagination of the humans was actually real because on this planet some of them could wield magic. The novel is set far in the future of this event and now humans use magic in their everyday life and they have colonized the entire planet but magic like all other things is un-controllable and evolves. This has made some people fear using magic because of incidents that have happened were magic didn't act according to the Laws of Magic that were studied by a team of highly powerful and intelligent magicians.

So I hope that tells you something about the world. Sorry I cannot tell you anything about the plot so far because I have no idea what the plot is since I am doing everything in extreme pantster mode. So far I feel great about this story and shitty about my writing because the parts that I have re-read are really bad but I think I can re-write them in a much better way once I finish a first draft. So far in terms of word goal I am doing great. At the time I am writing this which is April 8th,2016 I am at 3249 words which is 583 words more than the amount I needed for today. 

If you are doing Camp NaNoWriMo make sure to leave a comment and tell me how much your goal is and how you are doing so far and if you are posting your stories on Wattpad or any other writing platform for writers just leave it in the comments below and I will add you to the list below. Crystal has asked on her twitter for people to give her feedback on her excerpts, so please do so if you can. 

These are some of the stories written by my Camp NaNoWriMo Cabin-Mates:

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