Saturday, 16 April 2016


This week was awesome. Although I didn't write for 3-4 days on Friday I wrote a lot. Now I estimate that the finished first draft of this WIP(By the way it is currently called 'For Those Who Came Before...') will be between 18000-20000 words which is double what I had estimated it to be in the beginning. I will probably not finish it by the time Camp NaNo ends but I do wish to finish it by, my birthday, 18th May. I think that I will be publishing this long short story on my Wattpad account in summer. And because I like whatever I put out into the world to be the best I can do I will be looking for some beta readers and maybe one or two beta readers that will also look at my grammar. I will post another post about recruiting beta-readers in the future but if you want to be notified of that specific post fill out the form HERE. I will also be trying to make a cover but I will probably fail and ask my friend to do one for me because I am not that good at using photo editing software.

I have not yet written a synopsis as it is the bane of my writing life to write one but I have come up with a tag line kind of thing. Which is:

This week I have written very important scenes which show the societal values and what the society accepts. Also I wrote a lot of important scenes showing how much more people care of what other people think. Most of this week's writing is about the society and how the society thinks. I also tried really hard to contrast this with the way the main characters are thinking although they were raised in this society. 

Now is the time for me to show you the excerpt which is the opening scene at the moment although I think I will add something else before it in the end. Please share with your friends and tell me what you think of it. Enjoy:

“Magic. It is a complicated subject as it is everything and nothing. It is and it is not. No one has ever yet found its extent and no one has ever even seen it. We talk about it, we teach it, we write it and we use it, yet all we see are its magnificent effects. Nothing else, but what it leaves behind. Yet we don’t even see its trail, so we don’t even see all of its effects. Who knows, maybe just like man-made inventions, it is harming more than helping. Just two examples of things mankind has created and used in the past that turned out to have an un-beneficial effect are fossil fuels and Artificial Intelligence. Both backfired a thousand times over their beneficial aspect and almost killed all of mankind. The fossil fuel problem was solved by changing planets, the AI by changing planets and exploding our previous planet but unlike those two examples, magic is unknown. We might be able to leave whatever mess we create while using it, or heal the damages before further damage can be done but what if this time we can’t.”, she took a deep breath and then continued, 

“Magic as we all have seen, is unpredictable. We think we have finally found its laws and extents and it just changes. Just like any other living creature, it seems to evolve. It evolves in different ways. The first evolution we have seen is ‘Monster Village’, when an entire village of people turned into creatures from books because wild magic had fused with our books. We didn’t even know at that time that magic could fuse with our creations and yet it did. That was a temporary and small scale event, unlike ‘Magic Fuses’. That caused just over two billion deaths and almost detonated our precious planet because we didn’t know that magic could combust under those circumstances. I want to end this with one mind boggling question that has kept many people up at night and made many others go crazy. Is magic worth the risk?”, she paused again and then turned around, moving around some of the things on her chaotic desk, that looked more like a garbage pile than a desk for such a prestigious person such as herself. 

She turned around and looked at all of us, still sitting in our seats, amazed by her short yet powerful speech. “Get out. We’re done for the day.”, stunned that the lecture was so short we all began to make our way off our seats and into the streets of our wonderful City, Intellectus.

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  1. This was great! Even though I've done NaNoWriMo for like six or seven years now, I've never done the Camp ones. The timing is never right. That tag line is amazing and really caught my eye. Plus the excerpt was great. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank You so much! This means a lot to me :) !! What is your NaNoWriMo username? So I add you.