Sunday, 20 March 2016


This is my very late post on the second half of Something Strange and Deadly.

1.What was your favorite quote from the entire book?
"Miss Fitt, you know curiosity gets me killed."

2. Which character do you hate and which character do you love the most? Why?
I hated Clarence because of the way he always was and how he was controlling sometimes. Jie has to be my favorite because she destroys gender norms and is an independent, intelligent and strong character.

3. Did the prediction you made during the first half of the book come true or not? And if it didn’t come true, are you disappointed or shocked?
I had two theories and one of them was actually right but I was still kind of shocked about it.

4. What do you expect is going to happen with Eleanor during the next book?
I expect that she will find a way to deal with what happened and adjust to her missing hand. As well as joining the spirit hunters and maybe learns some magic herself.

5. Who do you think or want Eleanor to end up with in the end? Any reasons?
I want her to end up with Daniel because they are such a cute couple!! :)

I hope you enjoyed the post!! 
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