Wednesday, 10 February 2016


In this Read Along hosted by EM from Piplup's Shadowy Bookshelf and myself we will be reading all of Susan Dennard's Books. Starting with Something Strange and Deadly in March and finishing up with Truthwitch in April. Each book will be split on two weeks except for Truthwitch. At the the end of each session (Details below) both me and EM will be posting a Discussion post about that certain half of the book along with some questions. You are all also welcome to join in and post your own posts.

We will also be having two Twitter Chats which we still have to decide a date for but they will probably be in the middle of the Read Along and after the entire Read Along. You can check #TGSRA for updates on twitter chats or follow EM and me on twitter.
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We will be having Discussion Questions set for the posts that will be coming later. For now you can see the full schedule for the reading sessions are as follow:

These are just suggestion dates EM and I made and we do not expect everyone to be able to follow the schedule.

If you are taking part you can sign up in the link below and if you are going to do the discussion posts you can put a link to your blog in the form so that I can put you in the list below.

If you have any more Questions please contact EM or myself on twitter.
@duanethereader     @piplupsshadow

I hope you will be joining us for this Read Along :D


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