Wednesday, 3 February 2016


I think that everyone has one special way that can make them get their ideas faster and many of them probably use the shower. I don't use the shower itself but I use the bathroom. I choose to only plot out where and how everything is going to end, the main characters, mythology and a detailed plot of my magic system/s so that I make sure not to contradict myself while writing.

I mostly think of the magic system in the bathroom but I don't just sit on the toilet/ shower step and think about it because that would just lead me to one thought like for example : Writing Magic ; and that would be it. but instead I act it out. So for example using Writing Magic I begin to move around 'write' symbols on the wall with my finger and imagine the things happening write their in front of me.

This method usually helps me think of what the magic would look like more vividly and would usually lead me into sub consciousness or wherever because once I act out one idea, others start flooding in and I continuously act them out until I click back into reality and I remember I had come in the bathroom to take a shower.   

My other method that I usually use to create characters/creatures is drawing while in a class. I get really bored in some classes because I either the topic we are discussing is not interesting to me or we have done this topic way too many times. So I usually start drawing either on my hand or on a piece of paper. As I begin drawing i begin to look around the class and I think of the most boring non-living things in the class as I keep drawing. Later when I finish drawing (really badly because I cannot draw) something that I had no idea what it was going to be when I started I take a look at it and assign characteristics to the creature/character.

Later on when I am writing I usually think of these ugly drawings and remember the characteristics I gave them and I think of which are best fit to be characters/creatures.

My last way to get ideas which I mainly use for settings is when I am in an urban area I image how it would be if it was over run by plants, destroyed or not there at all. I do this often and the things I think of and 'see' in those moments are usually forgotten so that is why I think that using a Notebook will help me to write better descriptions of places.

These are my main ways to get ideas for writing. What are yours? Comment them or tweet me a link to your post about them @duanethereader



  1. I used to write sometimes in class as well. Great topic!

    1. Thanks! It is a way not to waste my time staring at the ceiling and be productive.