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This meme is hosted by Nicola from Queen of the Bookshelves.

I want to start by saying Maps are not my favorite thing. I love them as artwork but actually using it for a book is very hard for me. I get really confused sometime even by simple maps and that is why I try to avoid trying to use the map while reading a book. But when it comes to writing my own book, I am trying my best at understanding the map I am using. Before I talk about my experience with Maps in my writing I am going to show you some of my favorite Maps in Books.

My Third Favorite is the Erilia map from Throne of Glass.

This Map was really confusing for me in the begging but then I decided Just to keep staring at it for a very long time. I have no idea how long but is was well over an hour and I began understanding some of the things, I now think I can actually use this Map while reading the books but I cannot spend over an hour on each book map so, this will be one of the few I will ever understand.

My second favorite map is the Witchlands Map

This Map is still really confusing to me but that is because I have not spent much time trying to figure it out in my mind. But I will do so as soon as I finish Truthwitch which I am trying to read as slowly as possible because it is just... (I am crying as I am writing this), so emotional. I don't know why but everything is just like .. what!? SO GOOD!! I knew I would like it but not as much as I actually love it. I want to get married to it!! (Now back to the post) It is my number two map because of the beauty that it is. This map looks magnificent. Don't you think so!? If you want to see it in the full detail and actually be able to interact and learn from it click this : Witchlands Map.

Now to my favorite of all Maps which is The Study Series Map

This Map is not my favorite because of the books themselves but because it is very easy to understand. I actually understood this map instantly and it has contributed to my enjoyment of this series as I can image the exact way they are moving and also this map gives me hope for books to come. Maria V Snyder wrote and is still writing in this world but I hope that one day she writes of what is beyond the Soul/Emerald Mountains. (Fangirling bit next skip it if you don't wanna hear my theory.) Maybe on the other side people have electricity and they use it in everyday life with their magic.

Maps in my Writing

In my current WIP A Broken Rule I still have to make a map. What I do know is that it will be very complicated. At first I need to make a map of the City they live but then of the entire world as the story progresses. I have tried this multiple times but the Map never ends up looking like anything I can understand. This is probably because of my shitty drawing skills. All that I am using at the moment is a random Map of Pangaea I found online. And I have to say it is confusing me but I am trying my best.

And I want to end this by saying 

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