Monday, 4 January 2016


I wrote this short story as an essay for my English Class. Instead of a title we were given these instructions : 

Write a story that includes the words : 
• Horse
• Liquid

If you want to write the short story that includes this, please do so and either leave it in the comments or send me a tweet. I am @duanethereader on Twitter.

The Mystery of Death

As nights go, a man rises from the puff of white smoke of the fire that was suffocated by the weak white crystals that turn into a clear liquid as they reach the flame.

As the man begins to rise, you can see his body form. First come the legs. Then his chest and later his hands that sprout from the sides of the top of his chest like flowers sprouting out of the ground. Until finally his head forms and his eyelids open and you see him in all of his magnificent glory. The smoke dissipates and his body is whole. Every inch of him except for his eyes covered in dark blue armor, which is dotted with silver scratches all over. Almost as if they were placed there to make the armor look like the night sky.   

He walks up the hill and looks down the other side, where he can see a field full of blades of grass whipping to the night's wind, where the weak white crystals did not fall. He leans down and grabs a handful of the white crystals before running down the hill. When he is in the field, he looks around until he sees a red shimmer of light that he walks towards. He finally comes to a clearing where men, women and children are sleeping on the ground. In the middle of the clearing he spots a pyre just like the one, he rose from but instead of it being full of human bones, there are the remains of a once beautiful horse. He goes around the sleeping humans soundlessly and makes it to the pyre were he throws the white crystals and from the puff of white smoke that arises forms a horse.

The horse forms in the same way the man had formed before. And when he finally opens his eyes, he finds the man's eyes looking at his. Both bright blue like the skies during daytime. Clear of imperfection and full of longing for the sun neither will ever see again. The horse is also covered in the same armor as the man except for his eyes and his lushes black hair that comes out of the back of his head and his tail.

The man slowly approaches the horse and rides him. As he rides him, the horse neighs. The people that till now had been sleeping now are awake. The horse charges away from between an old woman and a child and so the man has to make the choice at once. And he does and once more the cycle begins again.

I hope you enjoyed the story! Tell me what you thought about it in the comments! :)

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