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I haven't read too many books but I recommend these series to everyone because I utterly loved them and they are probably the reason I began this blog and made so many friends and found so many communities inside the book community. This is because these books were so good I began to read more and recently I had put them to second place but I have reread some of the books from both of these series and I decided to put them back in my Number 1 spot.

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The Ixia Chronicles and Healer Series by Maria V Snyder

List to all the books on Goodreads here: 

Trigger warning for rape in The Ixia Chronicles(appears more than once and it is not skippable as it is part of the plot) and there are sex scenes in both series that contribute to the plot. I want to make sure that everyone knows that these rape and sex scenes are there for no reason. They are sometimes major plot points that make the novels feel more real and the characters feel less perfect(which in my opinion makes them feel like real people).

A brief Synopsis on The Ixia Chronicles: They begin in Poison Study were Yelena that has been in prison for a year is taken out of the prison to be executed for murder. But there is a law in Ixia that states that the next in line to be executed can choose between execution or being the Commanders Food Taster for the rest of their lives if there is the need for a food taster. She has no chance of escape that will let her survive and more and more people are targeting her. Then she finds a secret hidden even from herself. A secret that will change her life. 
(Yelena is the main character for Poison/Magic/Fire/Shadow Study but in Storm/Sea/Spy Glass series Opal a character Yelena is friends with is the main character.)

A brief Synopsis of The Healer Series: Avry is healer. In the land healers are blamed for a plague that has decimated the kingdoms and so healers are hunted. She is rescued from prison by a gang of mercenaries. Together they need to travel the over the Nine Mountains. Avry has to decide who she should heal and who she is ready to die for as whatever she heals from someone effects her.

I have to begin by saying these books are my favorite books I have ever read. Recently it was Carry On but since I have re-read the first book of Touch of Power and Poison Study again and I have decided that I like them better. So Carry On is now my second favorite.

First thing I have to say about The Ixia Chronicles mostly but about the Healer Series as well is that you will not expect the magic that people have. Every kind of magic in these books is either a usual magic with a twist or an entirely new kind of magic that I had never heard about and to this have never heard about except for those books. In my opinion the best magic that I have ever read or seen is the magic in the Glass Series. It is amazing and utterly spectacular. Also the best thing about the magic in these books is how Maria V Snyder writes it. It is vivid and I can imagine it easily without any problems.

These books also have diversity mostly, The Ixia Chronicles. There are people of many different ethnicity and there also is a Trans character that appears in some of the books but is mostly shown in Poison and Shadow Study.  

You should totally read these books if you like PLOT TWISTS, I cannot stress this enough but PLOT TWISTS in these books are almost impossible to see mostly when they involve new magic popping up and magic that was not fully discovered or not yet explained for a very good reason. 

The worlds are vast and they have amazing traits and some things that are not found on planet earth or with a slight little twist to them that makes them crazily interesting. These things also are major plot points.

The magic systems in both of these book series are very different from each other but I loved both. I don't think this is a spoiler but if you do skip this paragraph. In The Ixia Chronicles magic is a blanket around the world that some people have the ability to access and use in different quantities and ways (If you have read Carry On it is very similar). On the other hand the Healer Series magic, is inside the body. So everyone has limited magic that they can regenerate(If you have read Heir of Fire it is very similar). Something in both series is that both have different ways for one to use magic and gain magic except for the usual ways described in here that I think are spoilers so I will not talk about them. 

Biggest Plot Twist goes to Shadow Study in my opinion. 
If you usually look at the last pages of a book, don't you dare do that with Shadow Study or you will ruin the ending that with major importance you should not ruin in this book.

I feel like the characters in these series are immensely likable because of how real they feel.

I highly recommend you read both of these series. If you are reading them make sure to read them in publishing order for the same series which is:

Healer Series
1.Touch of Power, 2.Scent of Magic, 3.Taste of Darkness

Ixia Chronicles

Study Series

1.Poison Study, 2.Magic Study, 3.Fire Study, 

Glass Series

4.Storm Glass, 5.Sea Glass, 6.Spy Glass, 

Soulfinder Series

7.Shadow Study, 8.Night Study(coming out at the end of this January), 
9.Dawn Study(coming out probably sometime early in 2017)

I want to end by saying that one day I want to collect all of these books in the flame/flower matte covers and if you want to purchase these books the links are below.


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  1. Oh my!! I love the glass trilogy they are such good books! I never really got into the study trilogy as much but that twist at the end of Shadow study.. ah...what happens next should be... interesting.

    Maria v snyder is such a great author as I loved her healers trilogy too!! Didn't really get into her inside out duology I read both books but I have never wanted to reread them.

  2. I never read the inside out duology because I never actually liked the concept but I do love every book in the Ixia Chronicles and I am eagerly waiting for Night Study because I want to know if the plot twist has both of their abilities.

  3. I've read the first two books in the Ixia Chronicles, but I haven't read any of the others on your list! I actually didn't even realize that Maria V. Snyder had another series, but I'll definitely be checking it out. Great post :)

    1. Thx, and I would highly recommend getting to the Glass Series in the Ixia Chronicles cause in my opinion it has the best and most original magic I have heard, seen or read about!

  4. I've always found these quite intimidating, because there's so many books, and I was never sure which order to read them in. This has really helped me, so thank-you! I really like the concept, and it sounds like it deals with some important issues, so I really want to get to these soon. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Denise | The Bibliolater

    1. This is awesome cause I really want more people to read these books and if you find them intimidating I would recommend starting with the Healer Series to get a sense of the way Maria V Snyder's magic and writing is although the faster you get to the Glass Series the better it is because the magic in those books is just ... NO WORDS CAN BE USED TO DESCRIBE IT! If you have any questions that I didn't answer in the post feel free to ask I would love to help. 😊