Saturday, 2 January 2016

My 2016 Goals!

Background Story: I named this 2016 Goals and not 2016 Resolutions cause I feel pressured by the word Resolutions. I know that makes no sense but for me a goal is something that even if I do a part of it, I am not a failure a resolution on the other hand does make me feel like an enormous failure.

The Goals will be separated by these goal types : Writing, Reading, Blog.

So let's begin


1) Carry around a notebook wherever I go.
I want to do this so that if I have a plot idea or an idea in general, I can always have something to write it on because, I always keep forgetting the ideas that come to me in a middle of a class or while I am out with my friends.

2) Finish self-editing and re-writing my novel.
For those of you who don't know, which I think are the majority if not all, this year I participated and won NaNoWriMo. I finished the first draft but I still haven't done anything to it yet. I want that by the end of this year maybe, if I still like the novel, I can get some beta readers to see if I should or should not continue working on this novel. I also want to maybe share something from the book and see if people like it.
(P.S. If there is anyone that knows how to get beta readers, please contact me.)

3) Write more short stories.
Short stories aren't my strong suite in my writing ability in any way. Most of them have a broken plot because the story ends with almost no plot points resolved. So I want to try to write better short stories. This will both help me for my English exams as well, in my blog. My second post ever on this blog is actually a short story written by my friend and edited by me. In the post I say that this will be a series, in which I mean I will be posting more short stories written by me or edited by me for the reason to force myself, to write more short stories. (P.S. If anyone is interested in the short stories(most probably dark themed ones) please comment below.)


1) Read 50 books.
In 2015, I couldn't read 50 books because I got addicted to books just in the middle of August and I am a slow reader(160 words/minute) and so I couldn't read too many books but this year I am determined to read 50 books, with the goal of reading a book a week and having books that take slightly longer or reading slump time is 2 weeks. I am already doing really great since by today (January 2nd) I will probably finish The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey.  

2) Participate in The Summer BookTube -A- Thon.
I want to participate, not finish all the challenges. I will try to  finish all the challenges except for read 7 books. I have a reason for this. As I said I am a slow reader and completing the read 7 books challenge would literally mean I either read tiny books or I spend about 14-20 hours a day reading which would probably put me in a reading slump. I do not usually exceed the 10 hours a day of reading and if I do, the next day I will probably read about a chapter. 


1) Post at least once a week.
I think that this is a pretty manageable, post amount for me. Since i only started blogging last December.

2) Post at least twice a week in my Summer Holidays.
In the summer holidays I have a lot of time were i just stare at the ceiling while lying on my bed, so I want to stop doing that by making a schedule. A schedule that will give me some gaming, watching TV shows and movies, reading and blogging time.
3) Post at least one book review per month.

I had a lot of fun while writing the book reviews. Although they are very time consuming and slow down my reading pace, I still want to review more books because I have a lot of fun telling everyone how I felt about the book in detail. (P.S. Check my Twitter because every month starting from March I will be asking you which book to review from that month's TBR.)

4) Co-Host a Read-A-Long.
More information to come in the future.

That is it for my 2016 Goals, I hope you enjoyed. 
I want to know your goals. Leave them in the comments below. 

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