Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Beautiful Blogger Award Tag

Thank you Emily for tagging me! Go check out her amazing Blog!


  • Link the blogger who nominated you.
  • List seven random facts about yourself.
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Seven Random Facts About me

1) I hate anything that requires excessive physical movement.
Basically, I hate sports because I am lazy also any time
I run for even short distances like 50 meters I get a
stitch. So I try to avoid any sports event we have at 
school and I am always fighting with my mother because
she always wants me to exercise. So basically I am a sloth.

2) I am a scaredy cat.
I am basically terrified of most things.
I am terrified of all animals. (They can all kill me in some way)
I dislike/am scared of/try to stay away from children under 10.
I will not stay next to someone with a knife in their hands.
(I will go at least a room away)
I am also scared of doing anything 'extreme' like jumping of a chair.
(I will slowly climb down from the chair.)
Those are some example of things I am afraid of/to do.

3) My dream job is a web developer.
That explains itself.

4) I love writing.
I write only as a hobby but one day I do wish to publish a book.
Not as a job and I want the book to be as perfect as possible so,
I will only even try publishing the book if I know that is the best,
I have done. So probably I will never do this because,
I never think that what I write is actually worth being published.

5) I am trying to learn how to use Photoshop.
I am learning it as I do more stuff, mostly fanart for Truthwitch.
But I do want to try to make some more stuff after that.
If you have any suggestions please leave them below.
Keep in mind I am very basic at using Photoshop.

6) My favorite Actresses are tied at Number 1 and they are 
Jennifer Lawrence and Rebel Wilson.

7) I became a fully invested reader just this year
after discovering the BookTube community
in the August of 2015.
That also explains itself! :)


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  1. I get you. Laziness. Scared cat... I am the same way. Are we maybe twins? Could that be a thing XD? Anyways, photoshop is the literal BEST. my favorite things to do are photomanipulation :) they are great practice and look beautiful or scarey when you're done.
    Either way, happy new years!

    1. Thank, you and happy new year! #TWINS4LIFE :)

  2. Photoshopping is mostly trial and error but you can definitely gained some added experience by running through some tutorials (e.g. learning how to do certain effects). The rest is just overlaying your experiences to craft whatever is you're trying to make!

    Joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

  3. I had a course the past summer. It was about basic web development and we had a little bit of graphics making using Photoshop. It helped a lot and gave me the basics and I already see a big difference although I have only been using it these past few months.