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Book Review #1 - Illusions of Fate by Kiersten White

I wasn't planning on writing a book review for this book but I loved it so much, that I just had to. Just some background story of how I acquired the book: I only bought this book because its hardcover was really cheap on The Book Depository and when I read the synopsis it sounded like a decent book.

Illusions of Fate by Kiersten White.
Genres : YA, Fantasy, Romance and a little Historical Fiction
Point of View - Jessamin
My Rating : 
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No Spoilers are in this part.

This book is set in a fantasy world, were there is a lot of political distress.

The main character which is our Point of View during the entire novel is Jessamin. An immigrant from another country that came to study in the country where this novel takes place called Albion. She doesn't like the people of Albion because they are so different from her home island Melei's people. Slowly she discovers the secrets of Albion and finds herself in the midst of a political battle.  

Although it is a fantasy, romance it does give important and powerful messages that are feminist and also gives messages against racism. A very important message that doesn't have to do directly with the topics mentioned above is written on the cover as a tag line : "The only fate that matters is the one you choose.", I would reccomend keeping that in mind while you are reading the novel as I feel that it adds to the enjoyment and mystery of the novel itself.

Disclaimer: you will not know what is happening for the first 75-90 pages because Jessamin will have no idea what is actually happening and as the title implies there are illusions everywhere. This will be both disorienting and intriguing but I urge you not to give up on the book and keep reading it because when you do realize what was and is happening it will be immensely rewarding. The magic system and the romance alike do not unravel all at once instead they they happen through out the entirety of the book. The magic system is explained during the entirety of the novel and this gives to a lot of unexpected plot twists. 

All of the points I mentioned above are what made this book such a wonderful experience for me and they are the reasons why this book is my top 5 books that I have ever read.

My Rating is 97% / 5 stars.


If you haven't read it scroll to the end where there is a small non-spoiler paragraph which will be titled "Conclusive Judgement"!

My thoughts about Illusions of Fate by Kiersten White.

First of all I have to say, I had no clue whatsoever to any of the plot twists. They kept surprising me one after the other without ever letting me catch up and notice the next plot twist coming. I guess the only plot twist I knew for sure was going to happen was at the end, when everyone in the book thought Finn died, I strongly suspected that somehow he had survived because of his healing magic and all, even though he didn't have his cane.

I utterly enjoyed how Kiersten White built the world slowly, during the the entire book. Also I loved how the magic system is secret and only people with magic know about it and that the only ones that actually have magic are of noble blood. And how even people with magic like Finn that understood the complexity of magic, couldn't understand everyone's magic like Eleanor's. I loved that not even Finn knew what spell she uses to get the gossip even though he did now that he used some spell on the letters.

Probably a quirky part that I enjoyed is that whenever it was getting really tense their would be either a letter from Jessamin's mother or to Jessamin's mother. I loved the letters and they made the novel just tense enough.

Although I do like action scenes, while reading this book I found out action scenes can be more than just a fight. By which I mean, I thought that when they were somewhere like when there were the musicians from the other country and Downpike began doing those small spells to annoy and make Jessamin notice he was there.

Lastly, I want to discuss how I felt betrayed by Kiersten White when at the end Downpike came out as Kelen. Although we didn't get much of Kelen and I wanted Jessamin to be with Finn mostly, I loved Kelen and I was torn between him and Fin. So I was devasted when we learned that he was Downpike all along. After I finished the book I was so emotionally destroyed that I thought I was going to give the book 2 stars just for that. But I decided to hold back till I was less moody to rate it and after evaluating it I noticed it wouldn't be fair. 

About 30 mins later I was more than fine with Kelen dying and that he was Downpike and I came to the conclusion that with everything else that I loved about this book and the plot twist that Kelen was actually Downpike (which now I it.), I decided that not only it is a 5 star book in my opinion but also one of my top 5 favorite books that I have ever read. 

My favorite Quote from the book was said by Eleanor which is my favorite character in the entire book : "A well-wielded pen is a woman's best weapon.", because I think that, that line describes why I love Eleanor so much. She is a very secretly powerful magician, that uses a pen for most of her magic. Which is so amazing since you know pens aren't that deadly and she makes pens really deadly since gossip can bring a lot of trouble in Albion.

Conclusive Judgment

This book is truly an amazing book that I think more people should read and if you do read it you will be craving more. I truly want to know what happens after the story and another book with mixed perspectives that shows us what happened to everyone a few years late would be just as amazing.

All in all I feel like this book would be enjoyed immensely by anyone who enjoyed Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas and wanted a little bit more political view. I also think that if you enjoy Historical Fiction you will enjoy this book although it doesn't have too much Historical Fiction elements in it.

If you wish to purchase this book you can click on where you wish to purchase it below:
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  1. Yay!! I loved Illusions of Fate! It's definitely my favorite book from Kiersten. I really liked the structure of your review and I hope you keep reviewing!


    1. Thank you! :) Have you read many books by Kiersten?

  2. I really want to read this book! Great review!!

    1. Thank you. This book is much more than you would expect it to be so if you are interested in it you should read it as soon as you can. :)

  3. I loved this one so much! I was able to go to the launch and it was amazing getting to hear about the book from Kiersten, and then finally getting to read it. Such a great novel, and Kiersten's world-building is spot-on. Glad you liked it!

    - Eli @ The Silver Words

    1. Thx =). I wish to meet her once as well. :)