Monday, 7 December 2015

Short Story #1 - Inseparable Love

This post is the first in a series of posts that I hope to continue. In these posts I will be posting a short story either by me or someone else that has given permission to use their short story.

The short story for this post is actually written by my friend Gian and was edited by me. Before you read it I want to tell alert you: TRIGGER WARNING! If you do not mind such things as suicidal behavior please read it and give your feedback in the comments below.

“Shit, shit shit! I can’t miss the bus!”, Jason exclaimed as he panicked around his room getting prepared.
It was finally the day.
It was the day he was meeting Ryan in real life. Their love had been built up on two sides of the Earth and they couldn’t express it physically. But now, it’s time.
Jason ran out the building and ran as fast as he could, and luckily caught the bus just in time.
He was so excited. He grabbed a tissue and wiped the sweat off his forehead. He was as red as a tomato.
It was time, the bus was nearing to the airport. Jason pressed the stop button multiple times as he couldn’t control his emotions.

Jason ran to the entrance of the airport, only to end up bumping into someone.

“Oh, woops! Sorry my ba-“, the two pair of eyes made contact as they teared up in joy.



They stared at each other as they blushed but Jason quickly dived in and they started kissing.
‘Awwww….’, is all they heard from the people around them.

They still couldn’t believe it was finally happening. They were finally in front of each other, in their actual bodies. They stood there kissing for a few minutes but Jason finally let go slowly.

“Jason…I love you so much”, he said as Ryan slowly caressed his forehead and kissed him once again.”

They made their way back to their house, which now belonged to both of them. However, something was off.
Jason forgot to lock the door but he noticed something odd. The front door was completely wide open.
“Look at this place, man!”, Ryan ran in without any hesitation.
“RYAN!Ryan, no!”, Jason tried to catch up to Ryan and warn him not to go in but …
as he stepped in…


A gunfire was heard.

“RYAN!!!!!!!!!!OH MY GOD!”, Jason immediately realized what had happened.
He quickly ran up the stairs, only to find his boyfriend laying in a pile of blood as an ominous figure stood looking at him.

“YOU!”, Jason quickly jumped on the murder.
Jason started punching him as hard as he could, as he stood on top of him. “You scu-“,
Jason reached for the gun in the man's hand.


He shot the man without any hesitation.

As he heard police sirens coming closer and closer, he slowly approached Ryan’s corpse.
“Ry-aan?”,he was devastated. He was sobbing and breathing heavily.

He heard the policemen stepping in and shouting.
But without doubting himself, Jason picked up the gun once more…
“I’m NOT gonna leave you…Ryan.”,he screamed right before the policemen were going stop him.


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